EDAC 400

The EDAC 400 is a product that saves you time, saves you money and can even save a life.

This auto dialler utilises user recorded voice messages to call contacts when alarms are triggered.

The EDAC 400 monitors security, high/low temperatures, high/low levels, movement and on/off detection and equipment failures. The dialler alerts whoever needs to know, when you need to know and automatically tells you what you need to know.


A product that saves you time, saves you money and can even save a life!

The EDAC 400 has four I/O which can be used in any combination of trigger inputs or controlled outputs.

  • Upon the occurance of an alarm event the EDAC 400 is triggered and will automatically call the list of programmed telephone, cellphone or pager numbers associated with the trigger input.
  • A user recorded voice or alpha-numeric pager message associated with the trigger will then be communicated to the dialled connection.
  • The EDAC400 has the ability to independently control four outputs. The condition of the outputs can be used to indicate the status of the EDAC400 inputs, control appliances, or may be switched remotely through the telephone system.
  • The EDAC 400 is a cost effective platform for essential monitoring and control in a variety of applications. It eliminates the expense of third parties and enables contact to be made directly with those who need to be informed.

If you are considering an alternative to a standard phone line we can assist with both GSM and NextG options compatible with your choice of Autodialler.

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