Ideal for the Rugged Long Distance Applications Found in All Transport Sectors

Railway, Traffic & Transportation

  • Railways and Highways
  • Motorways, Airports, Wharves and docks, Shipping
  • Traffic light warnings
  • Environmental monitoring – road, rail, tunnel
  • Rail signaling alarms
  • Monitoring of airport radar alarms
  • Motorway text warning displays
  • Security monitoring
  • Lighting control
  • Monitoring and control of ship loading
  • Traffic density monitoring
  • Seismic monitoring of impending rock-falls or bank slippage
  • De-rail detection on ore trains
  • Safety monitoring in parking stations
Transportation Case Study - Airport


An airport uses ELPRO Wireless units to monitor operational alarms from several service centres radar sation, fuel tanks, standby generators etc.

Transportation Case Study - Marine


A container depot at a busy wharf transmits security alarms to the wharf office using ELPRO Wireless. The same wireless system also monitors tide height, oil-on-water alarms, fuel tank gauging and other miscellaneous services.



A railway authority uses battery-powered ELPRO Wireless units to transmit rail temperatures, for early detection of ice build-up on tracks.