Temperature Monitoring for Medical Research Facilities

Our remote temperature monitoring solutions are trusted by the medical industry for 24/7 temperature control monitoring and compliance.

EDAC temperature monitoring solutions are used by medicalresearch facilities, blood banks, laboratories, hospitals and paediatric offices around Australia.
It is the best choice to protect your medical inventory, 24/7.

Round the clock temperature logging, alarming and data logging

EDAC temperature monitoring systems provide 24 hour monitoring of medical equipment and environmental changes that threaten vaccines, medical samples and products.

Hospital and medical staff can rely on our fridge and freezer monitoring systems to verify that vaccines and medical products are constantly stored at the correct temperature.

Our powerful wireless sensor units monitor standard freezer temperatures and even 80°C ultra-low freezer temperatures.

They can also monitor critical conditions like power failure, equipment failure, and water leaks, which can result in thousands of dollars of damage to vaccines and medical samples.

Notifications and alarms for 24/7 peace of mind

Our monitoring and alarm systems will notify you whenever the temperature rises above the level you set, or if other conditions are threatening your valuable medical supplies. You’ll receive an alert by phone, email or text.

Temperature data logging for compliance

Increase safety and compliance of your medical inventory with automated data logging.

A proper EDAC temperature monitoring system can cover all aspects of your compliance needs such as continuous data logging, alarm logs, audit trails, and reports.

Benefits of an EDAC vaccine temperature monitoring system

  • 24/7 protection of your valuable medical inventory
  • Optimal storage conditions reduce waste and save loss
  • Automatic monitoring saves time and manual processing
  • Cost-effective early warning system
  • Detailed data logs and trending data to demonstrate compliance