About Us


About EDAC

Since its inception in 1989, EDAC has maintained its prominent position as market leader via a flexible and progressive policy of supplying up to the minute technology along with reliable and competent customer service. EDAC has a broad experience in the supply and distribution (with extensive service and customer support) of Control, Monitoring and Communication Equipment such as:

  • Automatic Alarm Diallers
  • GSM / PSTN SMS and Data logging auto diallers
  • Radio Telemetry and Radio Modems
  • Modems and PC Telecommunications
  • Transient Protection Equipment
  • Cellular & Satellite Telephone Communication Equipment
  • Solar Equipment & Batteries
  • Oleumtech Wireless Sensors
  • RTU’s & PLC’s
  • Next Generation Alarm Diallers – IMS-1000, IMS-4000, WEB600
  • SCADA Alarm Software – SCADAPhone


Our mission is to provide robust and reliable products solutions that ensure the highest standards of protection for our clients. We are committed to excellence in product innovation and customer service, striving to deliver unparalleled performance and quality."


EDAC has adopted a policy of providing products which reflect best practices in design, manufacture, application and support. Constant review of this policy results in a mix of products and services which best meet our customer’s needs, allowing us to continue our professional and courteous support which is so valuable in today’s climate of changing technology.