Data Centre Monitoring

Remote monitoring systems for server rooms and data centres

Protect critical IT infrastructure with our server and data centre monitoring solutions

Every data centre and server room is vulnerable to environmental damage that can occur from power outages, excessive moisture, smoke and overheating.

EDAC’s range of environmental monitoring systems for server rooms and data centres will alert you to any threats to your critical IT infrastructure.

You and your staff can’t be there 24/7 to keep an eye on things, nor can you control weather conditions and unexpected disasters like leaks, floods, fires and malfunctioning air conditioners.

But you can be alerted immediately when an event occurs so that you can take fast, corrective action.

With an EDAC monitoring system, powerful sensors monitor not only temperature changes, but also:

  • Water leaks detection – underfloor sensors detect leaks from pipes, air conditioning units, local plumbing and condensation.
  • Power and equipment failure monitoring –integrated with power distribution units (PDUs), plus external power sensors to manage voltage drops
  • Humidity monitoring – to maintain recommended humidity levels and avoid condensation or electrostatic discharge
  • Physical security monitoring – sensors on doors and server cabinets to detect security breaches.
  • Airflow monitoring – airflow sensors monitor ventilation changes or drop in airflow that can lead to dust build-up and equipment failure.
For peace of mind and protection of your IT equipment and data, you need an EDAC environmental monitoring system for your server room or data centre.

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