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In today‘s world reliable standalone Monitoring, Alarming and Logging of freezers, Incubators and cool rooms is essential to protect your Research, Pharmaceutical and Stock. The examples of loss through lack of monitoring or one source monitoring are everywhere. EDAC has been supplying monitoring and alarming solutions to research, pharmaceuticals and food storage for 25+ years. Our clients are among the who‘s who of their industries. Our solutions provide alarming via voice call, SMS, email and SNMP. Logging is achieved both locally and via Cloud based solutions. Current status can be viewed internally and via the web where required.

Freezer/Incubator Monitoring

Remote monitoring systems alert you to equipment and environment changes that threaten your samples and products

When you are responsible for medical tissue samples, critical vaccines, and other frozen or refrigerated inventory, disaster is always looming…especially when you aren‘t at work. EDAC systems help you verify that everything is constantly stored at the correct temperature. Our units monitor standard freezer temperatures and even —80°C ultra-low freezer temperatures. They can also monitor critical conditions like power failure, equipment failure, and water leaks, providing instant alerts via phone, email or text when a condition falls outside your preset parameter. You get a cost-effective early warning system as well as detailed data logs and trending data to demonstrate compliance.   Some of our users:

Application Examples

Vaccine Monitoring

Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

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