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IMS 1000

IMS-1000 supports up to eight sensors to monitor critical environmental conditions. When a fault is detected, it immediately notifies through Ethernet and telephone connections. Sending Voice calls, SMS, Email and SNMP


Receive Alarm Notifications… Even if Your Network Goes Down!

With the rack-mountable Sensaphone IMS-1000 Single Room Monitoring Solution; a built-in web server lets users view status, make changes, and review history while the included relay output can switch local devices on/off based on alarm activity. Receive alarm notifications through e-mail, text messaging, and SNMP. The available phone-line option adds voice alerts and call-in status. Each sensor input features LEDs to indicate status while alarm LEDs show when power, IP, or battery alarms have been triggered.

  • Up to eight plug-and-play CAT5 sensors monitor temperature, humidity, smoke, fire, break-in.
  • Included relay output can switch  local devices on/off based on alarm activity.
  • Available phone-line option adds voice alerts and call-in status updates.

Additional information

Number of Inputs


Communication Type

Phone Line, Cellular

Data Logging



SNMP, Voice Phone Call, Email & SMS

Supported Sensor Types

4-20mA, Temperature, Contact Type, Various Sensors


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