Implementation of Air conditioning is not sufficient to save your CRAC/CRAH system. But airflow monitoring is a big factor to be consider for system security. Air handler output must be unrestricted, otherwise blower motors begin to fail or fans become unbalanced.

EDAC’s Air Flow Sensors can be integrated to any IMS system. It will give assurance that your system will run efficiently and will notified immediately of any drop in airflow. Giant areas often require additional sensor information to determine potential problems with cooling efficiency. It‘s good to measure the rate of airflow to gauge the overall health of the environment.

Airflow management is useful because it controls static electricity and dust build-up on computer fans that can cause equipment crashes.

The earlier you learn of a ventilation failure, the faster you can act to prevent reduced server performance, equipment damage and complete shutdowns. Using airflow sensors with your monitoring system can be very enlightening.

Best Airflow Sensor Placement:
1. Airflow Sensor In each cold air supply
2. Airflow Sensor In each hot air return

Suggested Products: 

IMS Airflow Sensor