Why Humidity monitoring is required for data centers?

Humidity monitoring is as much important as Temperature monitoring. Electronic products works well under specific range. As ASHRAE recommends a humidity level of 41.9 °F dew point to 60% RH, with an allowable range between 20%-80%.

Too high Humidity can cause condensation, and long-term condensation issues. Humidity issues can lead to corrosion and breakdown of components within the data center environment.

Yet, low humidity can create electrostatic discharge across crucial components such as CPUs, RAM drives, hard drives and motherboards.

But humidity monitoring can save our electronic components and it becomes necessary to incorporate Humidity monitoring equipments. Varying external factors can change the internal humidity levels in your data center, especially if you are using an air-side economiser system. When bringing cold air in from the outside to cool your data center, the air will need to go through a humidification or dehumidification process.

EDAC’s IMS system can monitor data center humidity levels from 0%-100%. Humidity sensors placed properly through out your server room will provide you with the information you need to monitor the varying humidity levels. You can detect any threat early with the use of a humidity sensor.

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