Temperature Monitoring products to save Data Center equipments

EDAC provides excellent solutions for monitoring temperature in the server room and in server racks.  Temperature monitoring becomes necessary to save our systems as there is no fixed time for any mis-happening. Electronic devices and their full time use creates heat, and a rising temperature can indicate various problems: a failing CRAC/CRAH or chiller unit, a leaking coolant line, lost utility power, restricted air circulation. Excessive device temperature can burn out servers and data. I believe precaution is better than cure. And EDAC provides the best solutions to save your data centres and alert you when temperature crossed safe temperature range.

However, checking temperature alone doesn‘t give early identification of what created the issue. The server room gets hot inside minutes. This leaves you scrambling to discover what is going on.

It could be anything from the server, control supply, chilly air supply, cold air supply, a terrible fan… anything. Before long you‘re playing with the capability of closing down servers before they overheat.

Many CRAC/CRAH systems have built-in alarm fault panels that can be connected to any EDAC system to alert you via Voice call, SMS, Email and SNMP the moment your cooling system detects an heat issue.

After analysing size of the room and the concentration of heat sources we will give you best equipment.

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