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Wireless Transmitters for monitoring various conditions including liquid level, pressure, flow, temperature, and triggering set-point alarm. These devices are self-contained, battery-powered, eliminating the need for external power. Additionally, these products are intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations while providing seamless integration with third-party devices.

  • Analog Transmitter

    High Performance Wireless Connectivity
    Secure, Reliable, Robust Wireless Performance Eliminates Costly Conduits and Wiring Monitor/Control Process Conditions 24/7 License-Free ISM Band Reduces Labor, Installation and Maintenance Costs Helps Meet Regulatory Requirements Industrial Strength Performance & Durability
  • Cathodic Protection

    Transmitter Kit
    The OleumTech Wireless Cathodic Protection Transmitter Kit is a self-contained, battery-powered solution for wireless monitoring the integrity of a cathodic protection system. The Kit includes a Cathodic Protection Transmitter and DC Current Sensor and is a turn-key solution for rectifier monitoring both current and voltage. This device gives the user the flexibility of selecting the Current Range: 0-20, 0-40, or 0-80 A. It also provides 0-50 Voltage DC input for monitoring cathodic rectifier DC Voltage output. This device is part of the OleumTech Wireless Sensor Network.
  • Discrete Transmitter

    Wireless Transmitter
    This device is self-contained and battery-powered making it ideal for use in remote and hazardous locations without power or communication line.
  • High Level Switch

    Transmitter - Side Mount
    This device is specifically designed for industrial wireless liquid level sensing for spill/overflow prevention. This submersible level switch is ideal for point level sensing of refined fuels, crude oil products, chemicals, acids, caustics, lubricants, detergents etc.
  • High Level Switch

    Transmitter - Top Mount
    A self-contained and battery-powered solution making it ideal for use in remote and Class 1 Div 1 hazardous locations without power or communication line. The transmitter and switch are sold separately so that the switch can be ordered to custom length and configuration.
  • Hydrostatic

    Pressure Submersible Sensor
    This product determines level measurements by monitoring pressure at the bottom most point of vented top-mount tanks, deep wells, water towers and rivers. The liquid level monitoring device is an ideal low cost solution when liquid temperature and densities are not changing.
  • Magnetostrictive

    Liquid Level Transmitter
    This liquid level sensor utilizes field-proven magnetostrictive level sensor technology with high resolution of 0.01-inch and is ideal for tank level and liquid level monitoring. The wireless liquid level sensor can be ordered in various lengths with a Rigid 316 stainless steel or Ultra-flex sensor with standard or large size floats (stainless steel or plastic).
  • Pressure Transmitter

    Wireless Pressure Sensor Transmitter
    A self-contained, battery-powered 0-5 V monitoring solution for many industrial pressure monitoring applications including wellhead pressure and casing pressure monitoring. Gives the user the flexibility of selecting their own third-party pressure sensor or pressure transducer and is available with three different input options: 1, 2, or 4 analog inputs that support 0-5 V with high precision 24-bit analog to digital conversion (ADC).
  • RTD

    Temperature Transmitter
    Provides precise temperature measurement and is ideal for use in various mission-critical industrial applications. This device is part of the OleumTech Wireless Sensor Network. The direct-mount version of this transmitter includes an RTD sensor ranging from 2 to 18 inches in 1 inch increments while the pipe-mount version includes a junction box for managing wiring. In addition, the OleumTech RTD Transmitter can be used with any third-party Platinum 100 ohm RTD sensor.
  • Thermocouple Transmitter

    K Type Thermocouples
    Made especially for the remote, rugged environments without access to a power line. Virtually any third-party K Type thermocouple sensor can be wired-up through its junction box. Equipped with a local LCD display that can be used for reading process data and for programming the device. Thus, cables and PC are no longer required for quickly setting up the device.
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