About the bun family range

Easy and Rugged

Each bun recorder-alarm system performs a specific monitoring function which measures and logs at desired intervals; stores all records on internal memory and syncs to a cloud-based application via Wi-Fi.

The devices are both dust and water resistant, and some waterproof. Buns are a discrete size at 80mm in diameter by 34.5mm high.

An effective solution to monitor assets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Plug n Play

Buns connect directly to Wi-Fi, no cables or telemetry needed. They are maintenance-free and use ultra-low power consumption. Replaceable AA batteries last up to 6-10 years.

An external power pack is also available. This enables more frequent data uploads and preserves battery as a backup only.

No professional installer needed; just add thresholds and parameters through the web-based application in minutes!

Each bun self-monitors health and informs of errors and low battery.

Accessible Data

No software installation is required. Apps available but not needed for access.

Adjust the frequency of data logs as required (recording/uploads) from one minute to two hours, or once per week.

All records are accessible through the web-based application in seconds, from mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Export reports as an image, spreadsheet or PDF.

Actionable Insights

No apps or manual checks required. Receive voice, SMS and email notifications if outside your parameters.

Alerts can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients to action.

Follow trends easily on a graph with just one click to see any interval, from latest upload back to the moment of installation.

These insights keep you in control and certain your assets are safe.

Applications are endless, here are a few examples. Call us to discuss yours


Perishable /
Cold Storage

Maximize shelf life, protect your customers‘ health, and meet regulations.

Know your perishable goods are kept continuously at the desired temperature and humidity. Avoid loss of goods due to human error in storage or handling, failing power, or changing conditions. Access consistent records uploaded at the frequency you require. bun can assist in managing food inspections through easily shareable data and remote adjustability.


Farms / Hot

Protect your crops and animals by maintaining optimum conditions.

Manage temperature and humidity fluctuations right through pre-harvest to post-harvest stages and/or to ensure good animal respiratory, digestive and behaviours are maintained. Minimize loss in enhancement stages in storage.
Robust device. Reaches 100 meters (line of sight) no extra receiver needed, repeaters available for extended distances. Connect one or as many as you need, setup in seconds and adjust remotely.


Data Rooms /

Optimum efficiency. Manage temperature, count traffic, manage utility bills.

Maintain temperature and humidity at exactly your desired range in server rooms, in the class room or office, in a museum, or a warehouse.
From the convenience of your home or office, access traffic counter records of your event, store, or any traffic counter.
bun Counter also easily enables utility sub-billing.


Pharma /

Meet regulations – Automated logging/trending temperatures/ humidity/ etc.

Certainty that your samples and pharmaceuticals are within desired range.
Avoid loss due to door open or changing conditions. Access consistent records uploaded at the frequency you require.

Have questions? Contact us to discuss your application