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Voice alarm dialers will ring you on cell phone or landline when an alarm occurs. They will speak to you and tell you exactly what the problem is. They will continue to ring people until someone acknowledges the alarm. Our dialers will operate on land line or cell phone.

People use a Voice alarm dialers for critical alarms over SMS & Email as it‘s delivered directly to you and can‘t get delayed delivery by SMS and Email servers.

EDAC has been providing quality and flexible auto dialers for over 26 years.

They are used in Environmental monitoring, Server room temperature, Water treatment to name a few.

  • Matrix GFX11 3G/4G Gateway

    NextG/RCT/V Dialler to mobile phone interface
    Presenting Matrix GFX11 4G, a compact and intelligent terminal that satisfies all your voice communication needs using the 3G/4G line. The FXS port of the GFX11 4G can be interfaced to the trunk port of any PBX or analog device. This allows all users of the PBX to make and receive calls through the 3G/4G line.
    • 3G 850/2100, 4G 700/850/1800/2100/2600
    • 3G and VoLTE (Voice over 4G) support
    • 1 x RJ11 Phone Port
    • Connects to analogue trunk port or landline phone handset
  • Sentinel Pro

    usfP1-300x214-1 A1tpa-300x214-1
    12 input Voice, SMS, Modbus, Cloud logging/Configuration
    Sentinel Monitoring system is a Modbus Voice, SMS and Email Alarm dialer and cloud-based monitoring system that detects the occurring events and make you alert. As well as logging its inputs.
  • Sentinel

    Sentinel Sentinel
    12 input Voice, SMS, SNMP, Cloud logging/Configuration
    Secure, user—friendly online control panel provides a software—free, anytime, anywhere environment for managing your systems. Store your sensor readings to automatically protect against data loss and provide limitless information storage. Receive alarm notifications through an Internet or cellular connection. Notifies an unlimited number of people by e-mail, text message or voice phone calls in the event of an alarm.
  • IMS 4000

    IMS-4000 IMS-4000
    8+ input Voice SMS, SNMP, Web server
    • Ethernet-based device management for server rooms, data centers, and IP devices.
    • PC-based management software lets users view status, make changes and review history.
    • Receive voice alerts and alarm notifications through standard Ethernet/telephone connections.
    • Program customizable voice alerts, e-mails, and text-message notifications.
  • IMS 1000

    IMS-1000 IMS-1000
    8 input Voice SMS, SNMP, Web server
    IMS-1000 supports up to eight sensors to monitor critical environmental conditions. When a fault is detected, it immediately notifies through Ethernet and telephone connections. Sending Voice calls, SMS, Email and SNMP
  • EDAC 700

    20+ input Voice, alarms
    The EDAC700 RTU has 20 I/O configurable as either digital output, digital input or analogue input. The EDAC700 RTU utilises standard telephones, cellphones and alphanumeric paging to communicate its status. User recorded text and voice messages can be stored. The EDAC700 RTU is a cost-effective platform for essential monitoring and control in a variety of applications. It eliminates the expense of third parties and enables contact to be made directly with those that need to be informed.  
  • EDAC 400

    4 input Voice alarms
    The EDAC 400 is a product that saves you time, saves you money and can even save a life. This auto dialler utilises user recorded voice messages to call contacts when alarms are triggered. The EDAC 400 monitors security, high/low temperatures, high/low levels, movement and on/off detection and equipment failures. The dialler alerts whoever needs to know, when you need to know and automatically tells you what you need to know.
  • EDAC 222

    2 input Voice Alarms
    The "EDAC222-02" has 2 trigger inputs and 2 controlled outputs plus many additional features. The auto dialler can be set up to monitor security systems, essential equipment and processes. It may be used with any combination of triggers. Upon the occurrence of an alarm the "EDAC 222-02" will be triggered and will automatically call the list of pre-programmed telephone numbers until acknowledged. A user recorded voice message associated with the trigger will then be communicated to the dialled connection. This level of functionality and flexibility enables the "EDAC222-02" to be a cost-effective platform for essential monitoring and control in a variety of applications. It eliminates the expense of third party monitoring and enables contact to be made directly with the people that need to be informed.
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